Deals to Know About: Ulta’s The Gorgeous Hair Event

Everyone loves the word “sale,” and when the sale is referring to beauty products, I love it even more!  For those you who are unaware, Ulta just started their “The Gorgeous Hair Event” yesterday.  This event is very similar to their “21 Days of Beauty” event that they hold however, this particular event is specifically for hair products!  This event runs from May 14th to June 3rd, so you aren’t too late to the party!

Everyday they have different sale items that are typically 50% off.  They have some really great deals as a part of this sale, so make sure you scope out their sale here now so you can figure out which days to mark on your calendar!  I know I have already marked several days:)  Here are some of my favorite items that I have marked my calendar for going on sale THIS WEEK (I will make another post next week about my favorites for the week, so keep your eyes open for that post):

Tuesday, May 16th

MacadamiaMacadamia Professional products.  These two will be available to choose from on May 16th, both 50% off!  The first one is the Nourishing Moisture Oil Treatment (originally $39.95) and the second one is the Ulta Rich Moisture Oil Treatment (originally $39.95).  These oil treatments are awesome and work so well at nourishing and adding so much shine to your hair!  My hair always looks so much healthier after using this oil. I will certainly be purchasing more while they are on sale!

Friday, May 19th

Blow dryerOn Friday, May 19th, there are actually two items that I have my eye on.  The first one is this Hot Tools blow dryer.  I have this blow dryer now (not the same Rainbow design) and I absolutely LOVE it!! I have big, wavy hair, and with other blow dryers, my hair just gets extremely frizzy when I blow dry it.  Not with this blow dryer though!  This Hot Tools Rainbow Gold Dryer is going to be 50% off on Friday!!  You can’t beat that!  This blow dryer is originally $59.99, so you will be getting it for such a steal this Friday!  Mark your calendars for this blow dryer now!

Matrix.jpgThe second deal I will have my eyes on for Friday is these Matrix products!  A great amount of the Matrix brand will be 50% off on Friday, and I love Matrix!  I have never tried a product I didn’t like from Matrix.  One of my favorites is their Biolage Smoothproof Shampoo!  I always stock up on these shampoos and conditioners during this sale!

Saturday, May 20th

straightener.jpgThis Croc iPulse flat iron uses a unique combination of heat and vibration to straighten your hair, it is so cool!  I got the opportunity to try out this flat iron recently and I fell in love with it.  My hair seemed to get straight quicker, and it stayed straight all day!  I have naturally wavy hair, so typically my hair looses the straightness after a long day.  Not after straightening it with this flat iron though!  I was so amazed and impressed with how well this flat iron worked! You will certainly want to mark your calendar for this bad boy!  On Saturday only, it will be 50% off (originally $150)!  Such a great deal for such a high quality flat iron!

Paul Mitchell.jpgI am a huge Paul Mitchell fan, so I am pretty pumped about this deal on Saturday!  From my understanding, all Paul Mitchell products listed for this sale on Saturday will be $9.99…that’s so insane!  They have items here priced from between $10.50 to $28.  They have some really great products.  Some of my favorites are the Extra-Body products and the Smoothing Super Skinny Serum and the Balm.  My hair has never looked so healthy and shiny as it does after using these products!  And for just $9.99, you can’t beat it!  I got so excited when I saw this particular day.  Saturday is the best sale day of this week in my opinion!

Sunday, May 21st

Living Proof.jpgIf you have seen this previous post, you know how much I absolutely love Living Proof Restore Instant Repair!  Well it just so happens that on Sunday, this serum will be 50% off!!  I am totally ordering multiple bottles and stocking up while they are so cheap!  This product is typically $29!  I haven’t yet tried either of the other two Living Proof products that will be on sale that day, but if they work as good as the Restore Instant Repair line, they are totally worth trying during this sale!

I love great sales and I am always so bummed when I finally realize that Ulta is having a sale, only come to find out that the sale is already halfway over and all of my favorite deals are already in the past.  Stay tuned with me these next few weeks as I round up my favorite items for you again so you can mark your calendars and don’t miss out on your favorite deals!  And you too can take a look now at the deals and scope out your favorite deals:)  Let me know which deals are you favorite in the comments below!

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11 thoughts on “Deals to Know About: Ulta’s The Gorgeous Hair Event

  1. TawnyV says:

    I had bought something last week when they had a buy one get one foe 50% off of hair products. I wish I would have waited! But it’s ok I can always use this time to stock up 😉


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